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If you are looking for Bible-based, academically-sound Bible curriculum that captures the student's attention and requires no preparation time on the part of the teacher or parent, look no further! Kaye Freeman, a certified teacher who homeschooled both of her children, has authored two series of Bible study workbooks for children and pre-teens/teens. There are six illustrated character studies for children and five biblical/practical studies for pre-teens and teens. The elementary workbooks include activities at the end of each lesson designed to help drive home that lesson's main points. At the conclusion of every Bible study workbook, there are quizzes and an answer key.

Ideal for:

  • Home study
  • Church groups
  • Christian schools
  • Cell groups

Elementary Workbooks:

  • Ideal for children reading at a 3rd-grade level or higher
  • Based on the NIrV translation
  • Scripturally solid
  • Guaranteed to promote spiritual growth
  • Sixteen lessons per workbook
  • Professionally illustrated
  • Include activities at the end of each lesson
  • Include quizzes and an answer key at the end of each workbook
  • Each workbook is $7.99 plus a $4 maximum shipping charge

Elementary titles ($7.99 each):
Choosing Obedience
Choosing Responsibility
Choosing Self-control
Choosing Righteousness
Choosing Kindness
Choosing Humility

Pre-teen/teen Workbooks:

  • Written to be independently done by pre-teens and teens
  • Based on the NIV translation
  • Scripturally solid
  • Guaranteed to promote spiritual growth
  • Three workbooks contain 16 lessons; two contain 24 lessons
  • Include quizzes and an answer key at the end of each workbook
  • Sixteen-lesson workbooks are $7.99; twenty-four-lesson workbooks are $11.99. There is a $4 maximum shipping charge.

Pre-teen/teen titles:
Godly Relationships, $7.99
Bible Covenants, $7.99
Jesus in the Old Testament, $7.99
24 lesson titles:
A Journey through the Old Testament, $11.99
A Journey through the Gospels and Acts, $11.99

For your benefit, the first lessons of the elementary study "Choosing Humility" and the pre-teen/teen study "A Journey through the Gospels and Acts" are provided at the bottom of the Products page. Simply click on the appropriate link.

A Table of Contents to every title is provided, too.To access these, simply click on the "To Order Books" Tab under the "Products" Tab. Then click on the "More Information" Tab under the title.