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Train-up A Child Publishing provides quality Christian Bible curriculum for children, pre-teens, and teens. Written by a homeschooling mother and certified teacher, these titles are designed so that children can sit down with their Bibles and delve into God’s Word on their own.

As the student works through each lesson, he/she is directed to look up and read Scripture and then answer questions. A varied question format (true/false, multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blanks, etc.) makes for an academically-sound curriculum.

There are seven character studies for children and five biblical/practical studies for preteens and teens. While the ideal age for the children’s studies is 3rd through 5th grade, younger children can use the curriculum with the assistance of an adult.

Based on the NIrV Bible, the children’s studies are illustrated with pictures the children can color. Additionally, at the conclusion of each lesson, there is an activity. Each book contains 16 lessons. After completing four lessons, the student takes a quiz. If the student completes a lesson a day, one book will last a month. At the end of each title, an Answer Key is provided.

Elementary Studies:
Using God’s Word as the text, each study takes an in-depth look at that particular character trait. In the first lesson of each book, the character trait is defined. Throughout the study, the student reads about individuals in the Bible who walked in that trait as well as those who did not. The student takes a look at his/her life and asks the question, “Am I walking in this trait?” Most importantly, he/she learns the importance of choosing to apply the lesson’s contents to his/her life.

$7.99/ each Children’s titles include:
Choosing Obedience
Choosing Responsibility
Choosing Self-control
Choosing Thankfulness
Choosing Kindness
Choosing Humility

BRAND NEW: Choosing Righteousness

Pre-teen/teen Studies: 
These studies are very similar in nature to the children’s titles with the exception of illustrations, activities, and the version of the Bible used, which is the NIV. Three of the books contain 16 lessons and four quizzes. Two books contain 24 lessons and six quizzes. All books include an Answer Key.

Pre-teen/teen titles include:
Godly Relationships, $7.99
Bible Covenants, $7.99
Jesus in The Old Testament, $7.99
24 lesson titles:
A Journey through The Old Testament, $11.99
A Journey through The Gospels and Acts, $11.99

For your benefit, a Table of Contents to every title is provided on the Products Page. Additionally, the first lessons of Choosing Humility, an elementary study, and A Journey through The Gospels and Acts, a teen study, are provided.