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Choosing Righteousness

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Children will learn about righteousness and the importance of choosing it in this workbook. They will read about people in the Bible who walked in righteousness as well as some who did not and discover how their choices affected their lives. Using God's Word as their guide, students will discover that God created them in His image--a three part being. They will learn their identity in Christ and the connection between righteousness and love. Students will study about those who turned from righteousness--Adam and Eve as well as the unrighteous Pharisees. On the flip side, students will learn about those who chose righteousness, including Abraham, Elizabeth and Zechariah, and the one true righteous King, Jesus Christ. Readers will study the characteristics of both righteous and unrighteous people as well as the benefits and consequences of their choices. Most importantly, children will learn how to choose righteousness in an increasingly unrighteous world. Containing 16 illustrated lessons complete with quizzes, activities, and an answer key, Choosing Righteousnss is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing, and reviewing materials also make this Train-up workbook educationally sound. Lesson titles are as follows:

Lesson 1      What Is Righteousness?
Lesson 2      You Are A Three-Part Being
Lesson 3      Who You Are in Christ
Lesson 4      Righteousness and Love
Lesson 5      Adam and Eve Turn away from Righteousness
Lesson 6      The Unrighteous Pharisees
Lesson 7      Abraham
Lesson 8      Elizabeth and Zechariah
Lesson 9      The True and Rightful King
Lesson 10    Becoming Right with God
Lesson 11    Growing Strong Spiritually
Lesson 12    Living Right
Lesson 13    Characteristics of the Righteous
Lesson 14    More Characteristics of the Righteous
Lesson 15    New Testament Rewards for Righteousness
Lesson 16    Old Testament Rewards for Righteousness

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Answer Key