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Journey through the Old


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For many, the Old Testament is difficult to read, but it doesn't have to be that way. In this 24-lesson workbook, students will explore the Old Testament and find that it is an amazing collection of books to study. Containing 24 lessons, quizzes, and an answer key, this workbook walks the student through the Old Testament from the creation story to the return of the Jewish Remnant after captivity in foreign lands. A Journey through the Old Testament is scripturally sound. Its varried question format, previewing, and reviewing also make it academically-solid. Below is the Table of Contents for this workbook.

Lesson  1      An Introduction to the Old Testament
Lesson  2      The Creation Story and the Fall of Man
Lesson  3      The Great Flood
Lesson  4      The Tower of Babel
Lesson  5      Abram
Lesson  6      Isaac Is Born
Lesson  7      Jacob
Lesson  8      Joseph, the Favored Son
Lesson  9      Moses
Lesson 10     Balaam
Lesson 11     Joshua
Lesson 12     Gideon
Lesson 13     Boaz and Ruth
Lesson 14     David
Lesson 15     Elisha
Lesson 16     Hezekiah
Lesson 17     Isaiah
Lesson 18     Isaiahs’, the Suffering and the Glory of the Servant
Lesson 19     Jeremiah
Lesson 20     Daniel
Lesson 21    Jonah
Lesson 22     Ezra
Lesson 23     Nehemiah
Lesson 24     Esther

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Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6

Answer Key