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Jesus in the Old Testament

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In this workbook, pre-teens and teens will examine Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ from His birthplace and lineage to His ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. Journeying through this study will greatly strengthen both the student's knowledge and faith regarding Jesus' Lordship. Comprised of 16 lessons, quizzes, and an answer key, Jesus in the Old Testament is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing, and reviewing materials also make this Train-up workbook educationally sound. Below is the Table of Contents, which lists specific topics covered in the text.

Lesson 1      In the Beginning, Jesus Was
Lesson 2      Jesus Overcomes the Enemy
Lesson 3      The Forerunner Foretold
Lesson 4      Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus' Birth
Lesson 5      Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Jesus' Ministry
Lesson 6      More Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Jesus' Ministry
Lesson 7      Jesus, the Lamb of God
Lesson 8      Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Jesus Just Prior to His     Crucifixion
Lesson 9      The Rejected Messiah
Lesson 10    Old Testament Prophecies Concerning Jesus After His Crucifixion
Lesson 11    God's Chosen Servant
Lesson 12    A New Covenant in Jesus
Lesson 13    Angels and Demons Confirm Jesus Is Lord
Lesson 14    Men and Women Confirm Jesus Is Lord
Lesson 15    Jesus Confirms He Is Lord
Lesson 16    God Confirms Jesus Is Lord

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

Answer Key