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Bible Covenants

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In this workbook, students study several Old Testament covenants, some established by God Himself and others set up by men. Pre-teens and teens will discover that God expected these covenants to be obeyed and respected even if He did not approve of them. Bible Covenants explores not only some of the Old Testament covenants but also the New Testament covenant believers have through Jesus Christ. Containing 16 lessons complete with quizzes and an answer key, Bible Covenants is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing, and reviewing materials also make this Train-up workbook educationally sound. The lesson titles are as follows:

Lesson 1      What Is a Covenant?
Lesson 2      God's First Covenant with Man
Lesson 3      God's Covenant with Noah
Lesson 4      God's Covenant with Abraham
Lesson 5      God Renews His Covenant with Israel
Lesson 6      God Renews His Covenant with Israel Again
Lesson 7      The Gibeonite Deception
Lesson 8      David Keeps His Covenant with Jonathan
Lesson 9      God Makes a Covenant with David
Lesson 10    Solomon Breaks the Covenant
Lesson 11     Israel, a Fallen Nation
Lesson 12     A New Covenant in Jesus
Lesson 13     The Holy Spirit Comes to Earth
Lesson 14     Characteristics of a Covenant-Keeper
Lesson 15     Becoming a Covenant-Keeper
Lesson 16     Blessings of Being in the New Covenant with God

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