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Choosing Thankfulness

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Written for elementary-aged students, Choosing Thankfulness will teach its readers the importance of walking in thankfulness. God commands His children to praise and thank Him. There is peace, hope and power in praise and thankfulness. When we walk in this powerful character trait instead of grumbling and complaining, God can intervene and turn the tide, working miracles in our lives. As your child studies biblical accounts of individuals and groups of individuals who chose to thank God, he or she will see that obeying God's command to thank Him is always the best choice to make. Grumbling and complaining lead to unhappiness and, sometimes, negative consequences. Students will see this firsthand as they study parables that
Jesus taught on this subject. God's Word teaches His people how to praise and thank Him. Students will read about these methods and learn to practice them in their own lives. Containing 16 illustrated lessons complete with quizzes and an answer key, Choosing Thankfulness is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing and reviewing materials also make this Train-Up Study educationally sound. Lesson titles are as follows:

Lesson 1 What is Thankfulness?
Lesson 2 Why Should I Thank and Praise God?
Lesson 3 Thanking Jesus
Lesson 4 Finding Fault and Arguing Are the Opposite of Thankfulness
Lesson 5 The Levites Praise God
Lesson 6 David Praises God
Lesson 7 Daniel Praises God
Lesson 8 Jesus Praises God
Lesson 9 The Israelites Complain
Lesson 10 The Story of the Renters
Lesson 11 The Story of the Wedding Dinner
Lesson 12 The Story of the Workers in the Vineyard
Lesson 13 Paul and Silas
Lesson 14 Praise Wins Battles
Lesson 15 Ways to Praise
Lesson 16 More Ways to Praise
Steps to Asking Jesus into Your Heart

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Answer Key