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Choosing Responsibility

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From discovering the definition of being responsible to reading parables spoken by Jesus on the subject, children will understand this all-important trait and learn to apply it to their own lives. They will read about people in the Bible who chose to be responsible as well as some who did not. The benefits received by those who chose responsibility as well as the consequences experienced by those who did not are also covered. Containing 16 illustrated lessons and activities complete with quizzes and an answer key, Choosing Responsibility is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing, and reviewing materials also make this Train-up workbook educationally sound. Lesson titles are as follows:

Lesson 1      What is Responsibility?
Lesson 2      Trust in God
Lesson 3      Responsibility Means Work
Lesson 4      Work and Don't Be Lazy
Lesson 5      The Story of Ten Bridesmaids
Lesson 6      The Story of the Three Servants
Lesson 7      The Sheep and the Goats
Lesson 8      Jesus Took on the Responsibility of the World's Sins
Lesson 9      Moses
Lesson 10    Barnabas
Lesson 11    Judas Iscariot
Lesson 12    Balaam
Lesson 13    The Responsibility to Love
Lesson 14    How to Build Up Your Spirit
Lesson 15    Rules for Holy Living
Lesson 16    The Great Commission

Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 4

Answer Key