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Choosing Humility

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Children will learn about humility, a character trait that Jesus not only demonstrated but also highly encouraged in the lives of His followers. In an increasingly prideful world, children need to understand the importance of being humble. Perhaps more than any other trait, Jesus demonstrated humility throughout His 3-year walk on this earth. His teachings as well as His own examples of humility are presented in this title. Additionally, students will look at individuals in the Bible who did not walk in humility and see the consequences of their choices. Containing 16 illustrated lessons and activities complete with quizzes and an answer key, Choosing Humility is scripturally based. Varied question formats, previewing, and reviewing materials also make this Train-up workbook educationally sound.  Lesson titles are as follows:

Lesson   1       What is Humility?
Lesson   2       The Humble Birth of Jesus
Lesson   3       Jesus Taught Humility
Lesson   4       Jesus Washes the Feet of His Disciples
Lesson   5       The Story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector
Lesson   6       Jesus Dies a Humble Death
Lesson   7       John the Baptist
Lesson   8       Saul Sees the Light
Lesson   9       The Pride and Fall of Lucifer
Lesson 10       Judah’s Pride
Lesson 11       King Nebuchadnezzar
Lesson 12       Ananias and Sapphira’s Pride
Lesson 13       Characteristics of the Proud
Lesson 14       The Consequences of Being Prideful
Lesson 15       Characteristics of the Humble
Lesson 16       God Rewards the Humble

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